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The 6th Malaysian International Seminar on Antarctica (MISA6) will be held from 8 – 9 October 2013 at PARKROYAL Penang Resort, Penang, MALAYSIA. The MISA6 is held in conjunction with Long-Term Research Grant Scheme (LRGS) workshop ‘Challenges of Governance and Institutional Mechanism for Public Policy on Antarctica’and the ‘Asian Forum for Polar Sciences. ​​MISA is a biennial event under the auspices of Malaysian Antarctic Research Program (MARP) which gathers researchers from countries that are actively involved in Antarctic and Arctic research to present their research findings. MISA seminars have created new opportunities for Malaysian scientists through MARP to collaborate and contribute effectively towards research in the polar regions.

​​The theme of MISA6,‘Antarctica: Science and Geopolitics in response to Climate Change’ is in line with the rational that the Poles play an integral part of the global Earth system, as they are the origin of important climatic, biological and physical processes. Polar research can provide valuable insights into crucial processes in the Earth’s environment and climate, therefore studying these regions may provide an early warnings of important global changes. Consequently, scientists have found a wealth of information and have turned Antarctica and the Arctic into a natural laboratories for scientific research. The programs scheduled for MISA6 include oral and poster presentations on policy, heritage, and legacy, logistics, biological and physical sciences. ​​Concurrently, the AFoPS meeting and LRGS workshop entitled ‘Challenges of Governance and Institutional Mechanism for Public Policy on antarctica’ will also be conducted.

​​​MISA6 also provides the platform needed for scientists from various countries ​to strengthen existing and forge new collaborations. Furthermore, MISA6 targets ​local scientists who are interested in pursuing research on Antarctica, as well ​generating interest among the general public and school children. ​Several ​prominent plenary and keynote speakers will be invited to talk about the current ​and future directions of polar research. The objectives of the MISA6 are to share and discuss knowledge on science, technologies and policies of polar research, climate change and global sustainability and to enhance collaborations and linkages with experts on polar research.

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